Bible Passage: Luke 7:36-39 (message version)

Preacher: Di Daniels

Series: How Are You Feeling?

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Luke 7:36-39 (message version)

Being courageous takes determination, boldness…..”bottle”! It’s the driving force behind anything good and important that we want to accomplish. 
There are times when we are in an unexpected situation and courage ‘in the moment’ kicks in and we rise to the challenge of whatever it is that particular situation brings. In these moments, we perhaps dig deep and draw on previous experiences and skills we learnt in those times as well as the desire to survive. 

There are other times when we actually ‘plan to be courageous’, we think it through, we plan ahead determined to do something brave… might result in us being laughed at/talked about by others /misunderstood. It might even mean we look a little weird (but not too weird!) ….but doing the ‘thing’ is more important than being concerned about what others might think. 

Are we leaving a legacy of courageous acts and choices that will inspire others to plan to be courageous too? 


  1. Who is the bravest person you know and why do you consider them brave? 
  1. What things can hold us back from being brave? 
  1. How can our courageous acts leave a legacy for others? 

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