Bible Passage: Luke 6:43-45

Preacher: Sean Smith

Series: Helping Our Community

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Luke 6:43-45

Goodness can be a strange concept to get your head around, we say the word good so many times throughout the day, good morning, that’s a really good film, good luck (not as Christians though surely?) so on and so on. 

The Biblical definition of Goodness does not refer to a wishing someone well or praise it actually means, Goodness in man is not a mere passive quality, but the deliberate preference of right to wrong, the firm and persistent resistance of all moral evil, and the choosing and following of all moral good. 

So, it is an internal development and growth of our character through the help of the Holy Spirit.  

The Bible says that God is good and everything good comes from God (See James 1:17), so as we seek the presence of God in our lives, His goodness through the Holy Spirit begins a work to help us become good people. Having God’s goodness in our lives helps us to be able to choose right from wrong, good over bad or speaking words of life rather than gossip and discord. 

What things are we filling our lives with? There is nothing wrong with binge watching a Netflix series but, do we spend time with the one and only Good…Good Father? Have we rested in his presence, do we feast on his word or spend time lost in worship of the One that transforms our lives? 

Questions for discussion:

  1. Is our life out of balance in terms of the good things we input into our lives? 
  1. What one thing can I change this week to increase the work of Gods goodness in my life?  
  1. How do I currently affect the community around me, is it for the better? 
  1. How can I be a blessing to my community that is an overflow of Gods goodness in my life? 

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