How To Read The Bible – Part 4

How To Read The Bible – Part 4


Bible Passage: John 1:1

Preacher: Adam Hewitt

Series: How To Read The Bible

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How To Read The Bible – Part 4

John 1:1

Some of what we read about in the bible is really difficult to get our heads around. Especially some of the bits in the Old Testament where we see weird rules for Israel (see Exodus 23:19/ Leviticus 10:6) and also more alarming parts in Joshua 6:21 for example, where it appears at first glance that God endorses genocide! And then there’s other parts that are just really depressing, bizarre and strange! But as Bible believing Christians, we also believe that all of the Bible is the inspired word of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17). So how do we deal with this? We can either face it, or ignore it!

Ignoring it won’t make it go away. It will just leave us with more questions than answers. But as we face these questions, we believe that the Holy Spirit, through the inspired Word of God, through the living Word, Jesus Christ, will clear up the confusion. God is love, God is compassion, God is kindness personified, through a man, the God-man Jesus. As we read the Bible through the lens of Jesus, He shows us what the Bible is saying about God and who God is. As we see Jesus, hear Jesus, follow Jesus, we also see God.

So my encouragement is this next time you pick up your Bible:

  • Keep looking for Jesus – in all of it, not just the gospels!
  • Keep reading the Bible – don’t be put off; take those concerns TO God, not away from God.
  • Keep the Bible close by; learn it, download it not just to your phone but also to your heart!

Go for it. God wants to speak to you through THE BIBLE!


  1. What parts of the Bible do you find the most disturbing or difficult to get your head around?
  2. What part of the Bible are you reading at the moment, or if you’re not, what are you going to start reading tomorrow?
  3. Who are you going to tell you are reading the Bible, and how are they going to keep you accountable?


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