Bible Passage: 2 Samuel 9

Preacher: Di Daniels

Series: Helping Our Community

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2 Samuel 9

Kindness is listed as the 5th fruit of the Spirit ….and surely it’s got to be easier to produce than patience?! When we invite Jesus into our lives, God gives us the Holy Spirit, to live in us. The Holy Spirit begins the process of changing us from the inside out and makes us become the best person we can be. The ‘proof’ that the Holy Spirit is living in us, is shown by the ‘fruits’ we show in our lives. 
It’s a pity that being short tempered and narky are not fruits of the Spirit – as I have no problem displaying those fruits! 

Jesus displayed so much kindness in his life, he always had time to stop and care and show compassion for the people he met. He would stop, so that he could speak with someone who had cried out to him for help. Jesus would stop for the marginalized, the poor, the unloved, the outcast of society. He made time for people. 

The fruit of kindness (like the other fruits) develops in us slowly – unfortunately they aren’t fully grown overnight! However, the more we exercise kindness, the more in grows! The more we show kindness, the more like Jesus we become. 

How can we help our community by showing kindness? 
Showing kindness, shows people that they are valued, that they are important, that they matter, that they are of worth. 
Ask God to bring people your way that you can display kindness to. This might be as simple as a smile, or an encouraging text/note. It might be taking the time to listen to someone – genuinely listen. It might be praying for someone. It might be putting our agenda on hold, in order to help. 

The simplest act of kindness may be the one thing that begins to soften someone’s hurting heart. 


  1. Describe an act of kindness that really meant something to you. 
  1. Discuss an example of Jesus being kind. 
  1. Make a pledge to do one (maybe more!) deliberate act of kindness this week. 

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