Talking The Walk

Talking The Walk


Bible Passage: James 3:9-12

Preacher: Sean Conlon

Series: James Says…

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Talking The Walk

James 3:9-12

Genuine faith always results in good works – including the way we speak.

As followers of Jesus, we should speak like Jesus. We should be using our tongues to speak love, life and blessing. Our words should be words of kindness, words that build people up, words that bring hope and peace.

Let us be intentional about this. Who could you speak words of encouragement to this week? Or maybe you could pay somebody a compliment, praise them for a job well done or even pray God’s blessings over them…

Where is your heart at?

Let your words reflect your heart.

Speak Truth. Speak Kindness. Speak Healing.


  • How easy do I find it to praise or compliment other people?
  • When have I received words of encouragement, praise or kindness? How did those words make me feel?
  • In what ways do I need to stop speaking in order to grow in this area?

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