The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop


Bible Passage: Nehemiah

Preacher: Lois Taviner

Series: Stand Alone

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The Repair Shop


Around this time of year, I can be often heard saying the words ‘I’ll fix that in the new year’, ‘I’ll stop doing that next year’, ‘I’ll start doing that in January’, ‘I’ll quit that habit next year’… I’m sure I’m not the only one?! What if this Christmas, we decided to act now. To address the things in our lives that our broken (personally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, relationally) and decided to bring those things in for repair, now, today… not next year!  

The Old Testament relays a story about Nehemiah, cupbearer to king Artaxerxes, who hears that his hometown, Jerusalem is in a bad way. It’s city walls have been broken down and the city is in danger and disgrace. Nehemiah, prompted by God, makes the decision to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall. Nehemiah may have been repairing a physical wall, but the cultural, personal and spiritual significance was far greater.  

It might not be a wall that you need to repair, but it could be an unhealthy habit, a character flaw, an addiction, a relationship breakdown. 

Through Nehemiah’s example, we learn three important facts to a successful repair job: 

  1. Confession – Nehemiah was honest with God about the brokenness and about the shame, pain and regret that was attached to it. Is there a pattern of behavior, habit or broken relationship that rears its ugly head at Christmas for you? Have you acknowledged and confessed to God the brokenness you’re experiencing?  
  1. Community – Nehemiah let people help him do the work. Who will you share this repair work with? A counsellor, a doctor, your spouse, your connect group leader?  
  1. Consistency– Nehemiah persisted with the repair work even when things got difficult.  He was opposed on every side, but he kept going. Are you willing to commit to seeing the repair work through, even when temptation, obstacles and opposition come your way? The wall repair took 52 days, but your repair work could take 52 weeks. Are you ready to stay consistent? 

I’m believing that God is going to begin some deep, significant and life changing repair work in our broken situations.  

Welcome to the Repair Shop – you can do it!  


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