Tabitha: The Value of Impact

Tabitha: The Value of Impact


Bible Passage: Acts 9:36-42

Preacher: Kemi Akinola

Series: Hidden Figures 

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Tabitha: The Value of Impact

Acts 9:36-42

As God’s children, we are invited each day to make impact in the lives around us. However, we don’t do this to earn brownie points with Him; we do so because of who we are in Him.

Questions for Reflection:-

1. Read through other similar accounts: 

  • 2 Kings 4:8-37 (Elisha & Shunammite woman’s son);  
  • Mark 5:21-23, 35-43 (Jesus & Jairus’ daughter) 
  • Luke 7:1-10 (Jesus & the Centurion’s servant) 

Reflect on these different Bible characters. What can we learn from their examples? 

2. Why does God even care about us doing good works?  

Read Matthew 5:14 – 16 to find out 

3. What / who is speaking for you in your greatest time of need? I.e. when you can’t speak for yourself? (E.g. At work/business/field of influence, who is speaking for you in rooms that you don’t have access to / even know exist?) 

4. It’s never too late to change things! If you need to adjust, how can you start sowing good seeds today? 

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