Anna: What3Words

Anna: What3Words


Bible Passage: Luke 2:36-38

Preacher: Di Daniels

Series: Hidden Figures 

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Anna: What3Words

Luke 2:36-38

What3words. How would you describe yourself in three words? How would others describe you in three words? Let’s take a look at Anna, a woman who lived life well and finished life well! 

Questions for Reflection:-

1. Describe yourself in three words. 

2. List three words that describe how you would like others to remember you by (when you are gone!) 

3. What can you do now, to work towards being the person you would like to be remembered as? 

4. Have you experienced ‘a sword piercing your own soul’ Luke 2:35 

If you feel comfortable to do so, then maybe share with the group. 

Pray for each other’s circumstances. 

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