Get Baptised

What is baptism and how do you get baptised?

What is baptism?

Baptism is a symbolic act to publicly declare that you follow Jesus. At Foundry Community Church, we practice full-immersion baptism, symbolising the process of death and resurrection that Jesus went through for us. We have baptism services throughout the year.

Who should get baptised?

Baptism is an act of faith. We believe it’s a next step for people who have made the decision to follow Jesus.

How old do you have to be to get baptised?

It isn’t possible to put a lower age on when someone should get baptised – we believe the key is that you have a story of how you have come to faith in Jesus. That’s the simple requirement.

When should you be baptised?

As soon as possible! In the early church, those who became followers of Jesus were often baptised immediately. This isn’t usually the case nowadays. Why not? Because they were baptised in the sea or river, not in a church baptistery as we do today. So they didn’t have to wait for the next ‘baptism service’. The key is that if you have decided to follow Jesus, then sign up below for our next baptism service… why wait?

How should you be baptised?

Foundry Community Church baptises by ‘full immersion’. That means going right under the water. This is for two reasons.

The Bible word for ‘baptise’, means to ‘plunge’, ‘submerge’ or ‘immerse’. It doesn’t mean to sprinkle or pour. Examples of baptism in the New Testament (Matthew 3:16, John 3:23, Acts 8:38-39) suggest baptism by immersion was the method used.

Baptism is a picture of burial and resurrection; burial implies being placed underneath, and resurrection coming out of the tomb. This is best imitated through immersion.

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